Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Down a little over 5 pounds, woo-hoo!

At first I wasn't extremely excited about this since I thought it should be more. It's usually more at the very beginning of a diet, but I wasn't necessarily fabulous this first week either. I only worked out on two days because I had long 12-hour days of work this past week. I also went to a chocolate party (an AMAZING chocolate party) so that couldn't have been good. I also made football-shaped sugar cookies for a super bowl party this coming weekend and you just have to try the cookies to see if they're good.

So, if you think about it, not exercising too much, having some chocolate, and trying some sugar cookies, I did pretty damn good!

And, honestly, if we don't indulge in some things we like as we go through this, it won't last. It's not about cutting out all the things you love, it's about doing those things in moderation. Chocolate isn't horrible, not unless I eat it every day. The same for the sugar cookies (which are safely decorated and waiting for Sunday in my freezer).

So, 342.8 it is, and I'm good with that.