Wednesday, February 9, 2011

No written tracking

After messing around with SparkPeople, MyFitnessPal, and MyNetDiary, I've decided I don't want to use any of them.

Here's the deal - I won't do it. I know myself and tracking what I eat every day is of no interest to me. I've tried SparkPeople in the past and it didn't last so I know it will be no different this time.

Another thing I know is that it's not all the food I eat that I need help tracking, it's really the carbs. If I could eat carbs and only carbs my life would be fabulous. Fruits and breads and sweets like chocolate and ice cream are the most delicious things to me. Carbs bring me down because I know I overeat when it comes to them.

I got a great sheet from a nutritionist to help me. He helped me figure out the amount of carbs I should be eating, and wow, it's eye opening how little carbs we're supposed to eat and how the little amount adds up quickly.

I told him that I have no interest in tracking my food every day, so he set up a point system I can think about per meal instead of per day, and it's nothing that I have to record anywhere.

Something with 11-20 carbs per serving is 1 point, 21-40 is 2 points, etc., and I can have 3 to 4 points per meal. I'm supposed to think more about the points than the carbs. I'm not supposed to think about 80 carbs per meal, which is what the highest amount would be if you took 20 x 4. I'm supposed to focus on the points because he really doesn't want me having 80 carbs for every meal and the points can help with this.

For instance, if you look at the points, it means that one slice of bread that has 22 carbs counts for 2 of these points. A medium apple would be 2 more points. With one slice of bread and a medium apple those should be the only things I have that are loaded with carbs for that meal. Yowza. How many times have you had a sandwich, an apple, and maybe even a banana thrown in thinking it was good for you? For some people that's fine, but for me, the carb lover, that's just another meal loaded with them.

For snacks I can only have 1 point, except for the evening snack when I can have 2. It's super hard only having 1 carb point for a snack, but I can do it.

One interesting thing is that items that are zero to 10 carbs don't count in this point system, so a small amount of carrots added to the meal I wouldn't even have to count carbs. Or for a snack I could have a piece of string cheese and small apple because the string cheese wouldn't count towards any carb points.

There are some other point systems he gave me, too, like for fats, but I'm going to really focus on carbs for now and move into some other systems as I get more comfortable with this. I'm the carb queen and it's about time to take down the queen!


  1. You should do what is going to work for you today and be mindful that what works today may not work tomorrow. When I was 385 pounds writing down my food was not for me. I didn't start to write down my food each day until I lost 85 pounds and hit a plateau. Then I started to write down everything I ate but I still did not weigh and measure . . .until I reached another standstill. It is a process.

    200 pounds later I still write down my food each day, on paper so I can keep it in the kitchen where the action is. I weigh and measure. I refrain from sugar, wheat and dairy fat. This is what is working today. I keep an open mind that tomorrow I might need to do something else if this no longer works for me.

    But if I had to start out by doing what I do today I would have given up. I did not gain all the weight from one meal or one type of food and I was not going to loose all the weight from one method, one action, one plan. It took time but it was time well spent.

    Best of luck in vanquishing your Queen!

  2. Thanks, Jane! I will keep an open mind and try something different later if I need to. Thanks for the tips!

  3. Sometimes getting TOO wrapped up in goals, lists, tracking can focus you on where you ARE, more than where you want to be. If it feels better not to track, follow how you feel, and you can't go wrong. :O)

    Glad I finally found your blog! Hugs!

  4. Just found your blog. Glad you are getting started on your fitness journey. Lots of support here in the blogger world. I will stop by again soon and see how you are dong. Michele

  5. Just came by from Michele's blog. I have been trying out several online tracking systems lately. Haven't found one I love yet but for now, it is helping me be more aware. I wish I could design one perfect for my needs!